The Essential Leather Tote

This is the essential leather tote. A deep side pocket holds your phone and keys, or your kindle or ipad mini. 

Innovative triangular side panel allows the bag to gain a tapered shape when empty, and expand when full, without any extra straps or buckles.

Body and pockets in Italian leather.   

Handle in un-dyed vegetable tanned leather, which ages beautifully with use.



Semper means always in Latin – the root language. Semper products are designed with naturally resistant materials, which only look better with age. Semper products last forever, and will always be in style.

Semper products are designed and made by hand in Calgary, Canada.

  • Designed with Care

    Every dimension has been meticulously thought out on this tote. The handles are long enough for even the longest arms to fit through. Visible seams on the handle serve triple duty, holding on the interior pocket and concealed logo. This way, the bag retains a minimal look.

  • Crafted with Love

    Every SEMPER bag is handcrafted in Calgary, Canada. Its makers love what they do, and care about creating a beautiful object. Because every stitch and cut is visible on the bag, incredible craftsmanship is paramount.

  • Durable

    SEMPER bags are made completely of leather. The vegetable-tan handles acquire a unique patina over time, getting darker with use. Seams are double stitched in heavy B-69 nylon thread and glue locked. With a little care, this bag can last forever.

  • Lightweight

    By using extremely durable leather, and by using only as much material as necessary, this bag is incredibly light – it weighs less than a bottle of water.